Special order

WORK PROCESS for special orders WITH "WAY" LLC

Request for calculation of the price for a special order
Price coordination
Execution of the contract and specifications
Prepayment under the contract
Making a special order
Verification and approval of samples
Surcharge under the contract
Issuance of a ready special order
Our company can produce not only serial parts made of metals (steel, brass, aluminum) of varying complexity, but also non-standard at the request of the customer. We can carry out a full production cycle, from the development of sketches and drawings, metalworking and ending with the final processing - polishing, grinding, coating and engraving. We manufacture and supply parts and components for mechanisms for customers only in the form that has been agreed with the customer.
All products are delivered in proper quality and at a specific time. Our attitude to the client is reliability, stability and efficiency in completing each task. We are constantly working to improve the production process.
Quality control is carried out at all stages. From the receipt of raw materials to the packaging of finished parts. Our quality management system is fully compliant with ISO 9001: 2015.

-Control of raw materials is the most important incoming control for all materials and the provision of certificates for materials at the request of the customer, which provides for chemical analysis.

-Current control on machine tools provides for constant control by the operator for the compliance of dimensions and other parameters of the part.

-Output control is taking into account such stages as: selective control of the required number of parts, entering data into the protocol and packaging.

We regularly check and calibrate all measuring instruments and other equipment. Thus, the production process at LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “SHLYAH” is always accurate, efficient and of high quality.


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