Vibration polishing of metal

To clean the workpieces from scale, surface corrosion or burrs that remain after casting, such a method of mechanical processing as metal polishing is used. And if large products are treated with abrasive wheels on grinding machines, then polishing the surface of small parts is carried out on special vibration installations. It is about them that we will discuss in our article today.

Types of polishing treatment

Vibration polishing of metal is carried out in a special container, which is rigidly fixed on the table of the vibration installation. The table, in turn, oscillates with a frequency of 20 to 40 Hz and an amplitude of 3 to 6 mm.

Depending on the structure of the abrasive, polishing treatment is divided into the following types:

  1. Dry. With this method of polishing metal parts, abrasive material is added to the container in the form of ceramic cones, balls, pyramids that polish products according to the tasks set.
  2. Wet. This method involves adding special detergent solutions to the container, which effectively dissolve and wash away dirt from the polished products.

Vibration polishing is a smooth surface of products with a minimum of effort.

Vibration polishing of metals

What tasks does vibration polishing solve?

Polishing of parts on vibration installations is used for the purpose of:

  • degreasing the surfaces of workpieces;
  • removal of burrs remaining after the previous stages of mechanical processing;
  • rounding of sharp corners or faces;
  • polishing the surface to a certain accuracy class, up to 10;
  • preparation of the surface of the product for painting or applying any other protective coating.

As you can see, vibration polishing of metal allows you to solve a wide variety of tasks, ranging from rough to finishing grinding of metal products.

Materials for vibration polishing

Polishing of steel on vibrating installations is carried out with the help of various abrasives, namely:

  • materials on a polymer or ceramic bundle (plastic, porcelain or ceramic granules);
  • natural materials, such as quartz sand, pumice stone, sandpaper and others;
  • compounds that are used in the wet method of vibration polishing and are concentrates with a high gloss-forming effect.

What kind of abrasive to polish products with is decided by a specialist, guided by technical maps and his own experience.

Vibration polishing of metal at LLC “SHLYAH”

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