Shot blasting of metal

The main and more environmentally friendly alternative to sandblasting is shot blasting of metal. With this method of cleaning metal products, no harmful particles are released into the atmosphere, and the accuracy class of the treated surface is an order of magnitude higher than when using sandblasting plants.

What is shot blasting used for?

Shot blasting is used to:

  • remove traces of surface corrosion;
  • getting rid of scale, which remained after the previous stages of mechanical processing of metal surfaces;
  • cleaning of old paint and other types of protective coatings;
  • polishing and giving the surface a matte structure;
  • removal of oxide films before welding.

Depending on the task, various types of shot are used in shot blasting, which can only be correctly selected by an experienced specialist.

Types of abrasives for shot blasting of metal

Shot blasting of metal, depending on the goal, is carried out using the following types of shot:

  1. Cast iron chipped, which is made of white cast iron and is intended to give a matte effect to the metal surface, remove surface corrosion or carbon deposits.
  2. Cast. The material is steel with a low, medium or high carbon content.
  3. Made of chopped steel, which is well suited for cleaning and compacting the surface layer of the part and obtaining the desired roughness parameter.
  4. Aluminum, used for processing aluminum products.
  5. Ceramic, the main field of application of which is the cleaning of parts for the aviation and space industry.
  6. Plastic, which is made of polymer compounds and is used for delicate cleaning of metal surfaces.

Shot blasting of parts requires the operator to have a high professional level and skills to work with such an installation. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the processed part will not meet the necessary parameters and the only way out of this situation will be to send it for remelting.

Shot blasting

Equipment for shot blasting of metal

Depending on the design, installations for shot blasting of metal are divided into:

  • closed, in which the processing of parts is carried out in a closed space;
  • open, which are intended for processing the external surfaces of metal parts or structures.

As for the principle of operation of such installations, in general, it looks like this:

  1. A whole or split shot is poured into the shotgun.
  2. With the help of a special wheel device, the “abrasive” accelerates to a speed of about 100 m / s and hits the metal surface with great force, thereby cleaning it from traces of corrosion, dirt or remnants of a protective coating.

After “shooting”, the shot enters the separator of the installation, in which it is cleaned of dirt and fed back to the wheel device.

Thanks to this principle of operation, a closed cycle is obtained, during which the particles removed from the surface of the part settle in a special filter of the installation and do not pollute the environment.

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