Serial production of metal products: types of materials and stages of manufacture

Turning, milling and CNC turning and milling machines are used to manufacture a large batch of brass parts. Thanks to the automation of the technological process of processing workpieces, the serial production of non-ferrous metal products becomes as cost-effective as possible, and the parts themselves have precise dimensions.

What is the difference between mass production and mass production? The number of products produced. The “series”, according to all technological and production parameters, occupies an intermediate place between single and mass production. Consequently, the cost of manufactured products is at the same level.

Types of processed materials in the mass production of parts

In serial production, parts can be made of:

  • copper;
  • bronze;
  • cast iron;
  • brass;
  • titanium, steel and their alloys;
  • stainless steel.

Also, primary and technical aluminum, aluminum for deoxidation and alloys based on it are widely used for the serial production of metal parts.

Features of the manufacture of metal products in mass production.

The features of the serial production of metal products include the stages of their manufacture, namely:

  1. The selection of material in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the technical features of the part.
  2. Cutting metal into blanks, the size and configuration of which is calculated in such a way as to reduce the waste rate to the minimum possible.
  3. Writing a program for CNC machines, in which every movement of the cutting tool and the workpiece during its processing is prescribed in detail.
  4. Processing of a metal workpiece by cutting. The RI can be a cutter, a milling cutter or a combination of them.
  5. Quality control of finished products. Only after the OTC specialist is convinced that the finished product fully meets all the necessary parameters, the batch of parts is sent to the customer.

Serial production of metal products is a complex technological process, the final result of which directly depends on the professionalism of the company’s personnel and the accuracy of production equipment. These two indicators are successfully combined at SHLYAH LLC, which allows us to guarantee high quality products and their full compliance with the required characteristics.

Why choose us?

Serial production of metal products at SHLYAH LLC provides our customers with several important advantages:

  • the opportunity to get ready-made parts in record time;
  • production of products according to standard and individual projects;
  • high quality and precision of finished products;
  • low cost;
  • delivery to any point of Ukraine.

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