Production of parts according to customer drawings: stages and cost of work

To obtain the configuration of the product required by the client, the specialists of SHLYAH LLC perform the manufacture of metal parts according to the customer’s drawings. Such a procedure requires an integrated approach, highly qualified specialists and the availability of a fleet of modern metalworking equipment. All this is fully present in our company.

Procedure for manufacturing parts according to customer drawings

The procedure for manufacturing parts to order according to customer drawings includes the following operations:

  • preparatory work, during which technical documentation is developed, the optimal material of the workpiece and the method of its production are selected, marking and cutting are carried out;
  • metalworking on turning, milling and other types of machine tools, including those with CNC. At this stage, the processing of the outer and inner surfaces of the workpiece, grooves, holes and other elements of the future part is carried out;
  • grinding and polishing of product surfaces in order to give them the required accuracy class in accordance with technological maps;
  • quality control;
  • washing and cleaning of the part;
  • heat treatment, which is carried out in order to give the product the necessary strength characteristics;
  • if necessary, according to the statement of work, the application of protective and decorative coatings;
  • assembly and adjustment of all elements of the product.

These are only the general stages of the production process for the manufacture of parts according to customer drawings. The specific number of operations and equipment is determined by the technologist at the stage of developing the technological process.

Close-up of three engineers’ hands sketching a draft

The cost of manufacturing parts according to customer drawings

The cost of manufacturing metal parts according to customer drawings is determined based on the following parameters:

  • configuration and overall dimensions of the part;
  • selected material and its thickness;
  • seriality;
  • production method: casting, turning, stamping;
  • necessary equipment and cutting tools.

For more detailed information on the cost of manufacturing the part you need, you can always check with our managers.

Benefits of contacting SHLYAH LLC

In addition to using steel and its alloys in our work, our company also provides services for the manufacture of brass parts according to customer drawings. Among the advantages of contacting us, we note:

  • Availability of modern equipment for melting, casting and processing of blanks from various materials;
  • production of parts of any level of complexity, both single and serial;
  • high qualification of personnel;
  • prompt development of technical documentation for the part and its launch into production;
  • reasonable cost of services.

To place an order or obtain additional information, contact our specialist in any way convenient for you. Our manager will answer all your questions, promptly place an order and transfer it to work.

The manufacture of complex parts according to the drawings of the customer is only Shlyah LLC.