Production of molds

To organize the production of a large batch of identical parts, such a “tool” as a mold will be required. This element has a complex design and sets all the characteristics of the future product – overall dimensions, stiffeners, partitions, and so on. That is why the production of molds is a responsible and complex stage of the technological process, the quality of the parts produced in the future directly depends on the correctness of which.

Typical mold design

LLC “SHLYAH” performs the production of molds for casting both according to standard and individual projects. The basic design of such a product includes the following elements:

  • a set of metal plates that are the basis for the matrix;
  • punch is a movable component of the mold design;
  • the matrix is a fixed element of the system designed to form the front part of the future product;
  • guides;
  • cooling system;
  • ejector of the finished part.

As you can see, the production of molds for plastic casting is a complex procedure that requires careful adjustment and synchronization of the work of all structural elements. Therefore, only true professionals in their field, namely, the designers of LLC “SHLYAH”, can perform all the stages of the technological process qualitatively.

Stages of mold manufacturing

The production of a mold for plastics includes the following steps:

  1. Analysis and selection of parameters of the future product. At this stage, our designers use special software to:
    • build a three-dimensional model of the part;
    • choosing a type of gate system;
    • optimization of the system for the material with which it will work.
  2. Providing the customer with a feasibility study of the project.
  3. Preparation of documentation.
  4. Manufacture, assembly and lapping of all elements of the mold.
  5. Testing and identification of possible defects of the mold and the finished part.
  6. Delivery of the kit to the customer.

At the exit, the client receives: a mold and a passport to it, design documentation, as well as a map of equipment settings.

If desired, our specialists will launch and configure the technological processes of casting at your enterprise.

Production of molds and dies

What affects the cost of the mold?

The price for the production of molds for plastic casting is formed based on the following parameters:

  • overall dimensions and casting design;
  • type of gate system;
  • the price of high-alloy steels;
  • the operating modes of the system are manual, semi-automatic or automatic;
  • number of places in the form;
  • snap-in resource.

Our specialist will be able to announce the exact cost of the order only after agreeing on all the nuances of the production process and carefully studying the client’s wishes.

Why choose us?

Production of molds and stamps is one of the activities of our company. Becoming our client, you will receive the following benefits from cooperation with us:

  • competent staff who takes into account all the wishes of the customer in the manufacture of molds;
  • high-quality performance of the task in a short time;
  • careful control at all stages of the production process;
  • affordable cost of services and individual approach to each client.

Call us right now and personally evaluate all the advantages of working with our company.