Plastic injection molding services: production steps and benefits

To obtain a large number of plastic products of the same type of complex configuration, Shlyakh LLC uses such a production method as plastic injection molding. In this article, we will look at the main stages of making plastic parts in this way, and also talk about the benefits of using it. So let’s go!

Injection of plastics: stages of the production of plastic products

Plastic molding is a rather complex technological process, which includes the following stages:

  1. Designing a mold based on a 3D model of a future product. At this stage, engineers and designers need to consider in detail the arrangement of the gating and auxiliary systems, as well as the layout of the nests. In addition, when designing a mold, its wear and characteristics of the working material should be taken into account. Otherwise, the use of an irrationally designed product can lead to its premature failure or waste of plastic.
  2. Production of molds for injection molding of plastics. Such parts are made of high-strength steel on special CNC machines. Thanks to the precision of modern production equipment, the finished mold exactly follows the contours of the 3D model of the product for which it is intended.
  3. Making a test casting. After the mold is assembled, a test casting is performed, during which engineers check all important technological parameters for compliance with their established standards. Upon detection of the slightest defects in the casting or violations of the technological process, the mold is sent for revision.
  4. After eliminating all the shortcomings or in case of successful test casting, the mold is installed on the injection molding machine and the production of a batch of products begins.

Custom molding of plastics is a very responsible event, since the slightest mistake can lead to a large batch of scrap and, accordingly, large time and financial costs that will be required for the manufacture of new products.

Plastic injection molding

Advantages of plastic injection molding

The advantages of this operation include:

  • rather low cost of manufacturing one product;
  • the ability to manufacture parts of complex configuration with a minimum amount of waste;
  • low probability of marriage with a high-quality approach to mold manufacturing;
  • the ability to manufacture an unlimited number of products;
  • high quality of finished products;
  • the ability to choose the type of plastic and its colors.

Injection molding of plastics is the ability to produce a large number of high-quality plastic products at a low cost.

One of the areas of activity of LLC “SHLYAKH” is the molding of plastics to order. By becoming our client, you can count on the following benefits:

  1. High professional level of specialists.
  2. Own production facilities.
  3. Modern high-precision equipment.
  4. The ability to manufacture parts of any complexity level according to standard and individual projects.
  5. Affordable cost of services and high speed of their provision.

For more information or ordering services for molding plastic products, contact our managers in any way convenient for you. Our specialist will answer all your questions, fill out an application and promptly transfer it to the production workshop for execution.

Molding of plastics from LLC “SHLYAKH” – time-tested quality.