Flat metal grinding: types and features of the procedure

One of the most common methods for finishing the surfaces of a metal workpiece is flat grinding. This operation is performed on a special surface grinding machine, which has a movable table. The grinding wheel acts as a working tool, or rather, its end or peripheral part.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the procedure for flat grinding of metal has several varieties and some features. Which? You will find out about this by reading this article to the end.

Types of flat metal grinding

Flat grinding of metal, depending on the class of cleanliness of the treated surface, is divided into the following types:

  1. Roughing, which is used when processing small parts in the case when the milling operation does not allow obtaining the required accuracy class of the product.
  2. Rough grinding of the metal surface. Such an operation is often used before the heat treatment of the product and is carried out in order to remove the allowance.
  3. Finishing, which is the final stage of product processing and allows you to achieve the required accuracy class of the machined surface.

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Flat metal grinding

Features of flat grinding

The features of this technological process include the following points:

  • high speed of rotation of the circle and, accordingly, removal of a metal layer from the workpiece;
  • high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees Celsius) in the zone of contact of the grinding wheel with the surface of the workpiece;

This combination inevitably leads to a change in the structure of the processed metal, which negatively affects its operational properties. To avoid this, the cutting zone must be constantly cooled using coolant (cutting fluid), which somewhat complicates the design of the grinding equipment and the process of controlling the quality of processing.

As for the procedure of grinding and polishing metal directly, the quality of its implementation directly depends on the following indicators:

  1. The speed of movement of the workpiece relative to the grinding wheel.
  2. Cutting depths.
  3. Rotational speeds of the grinding tool (wheel).

Various variations of these parameters, in the process of flat grinding of metal, make it possible to obtain one or another class of accuracy of the processed surface. A competent calculation and application of these characteristics in practice directly depends on the qualifications of the engineering and technical personnel and the machine operator. That is why the participation of qualified personnel in this process is one of its essential components.

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