EDM: Features and Benefits

When exposed to a high voltage electric current metal, it is destroyed, which allows you to “cut” from it products of various shapes and sizes. This process is called “EDM”. What features this method has, as well as what are its advantages – we will talk about this in detail in this material.

Features of electrical discharge machining of parts

Electrical discharge machining of metal is carried out as follows:

  1. A workpiece is placed on the working table of the equipment, which acts as one of the electrodes.
  2. An electrode of the machine is supplied to the workpiece, through which a high voltage electric current (arc) is supplied in an aggressive environment.
  3. Due to the different polarity of the electrodes, metal piercing and wire cutting occurs, which is accompanied by the release of a large amount of thermal energy. However, due to the short duration of the action of the charge, the metal does not have time to heat up to a temperature at which irreversible changes take place in its structure.

Thus, electroerosive machining of a metal workpiece with an electrode makes it possible to obtain a part of the required configuration without structural changes in the material itself and with minimal consumption.

Electrical discharge machining of metal

Benefits of EDM

The advantages of EDM processing of metal workpieces include:

  • high cut quality of parts up to 150 mm thick. For comparison, a similar indicator of laser cutting accuracy is possible for workpieces no more than 20 mm thick;
  • the possibility of high-quality processing of parts made of any conductive metals. This does not require the use of any special tools, as is the case with plasma or laser cutting;
  • a high class of purity of the processed metal surface, which is due to the use of thin tungsten wire as an electrode, which does not touch the part during the cutting process;
  • versatility, due to which the method of electrical discharge machining can be used even for shape cutting of superhard and brittle metals, work with which usually causes certain difficulties.

All of the above advantages make the EDM processing of metals one of the most demanded services among a certain circle of consumers.

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