Development of design documentation: design standards and stages

The primary task in the manufacture of a new part is the development of design documentation for the product. What norms should be observed in this case and what exactly such a package of documents includes – read about this below.

Design standards

The development of design documentation should be carried out in accordance with GOST ESKD, which regulate the availability of the following package of documents:

  1. Blueprints:
  • a graphic image of the product indicating all the parameters that are necessary for its manufacture;
  • assembly drawing, which shows the individual parts of the assembly kit and their location in the assembly structure;
  • dimensional drawing, which is a simplified image of a part indicating enlarged overall dimensions;
  • an assembly drawing containing all the necessary information for the correct installation of the part at the place of its operation.
  1. Specification, which contains the quantitative composition of the elements of the product.
  2. Explanatory note, which contains a detailed description of the product, its purpose, explanations of the design features.

The designers of SHLYAH LLC carry out the development and execution of design documentation in accordance with all the norms and requirements that apply to such a package of documents. This allows us to guarantee that the product is certified by the relevant authorities and that it will work under the conditions of manufacture.


The development of a set of design documentation by the specialists of SHLYAH LLC includes the following steps:

  • coordination with the customer of the cost and conditions of development;
  • drawing up a detailed TOR based on the information provided by the client;
  • analysis by the designer of our enterprise of existing analogues of the future product and the choice of the optimal technical solution for the implementation of the project;
  • development and provision to the customer of a prototype 3D model of the part in order to agree on its appearance and compliance with the terms of reference;
  • detailed modeling of the agreed prototype with a thorough study of all elements of the future product;
  • issue of a complete set of documents for the product – drawings, specification, explanatory note.

These are only general stages of development of working design documentation, since each product is individual and its design may include a number of other additional tasks.

Benefits of ordering a design documentation from Shlyah LLC

By ordering services for the development of design documentation from us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • experienced designers who will hear all your wishes and bring them to life;
  • compliance of the developed design documentation with all norms and requirements;
  • affordable cost of services.

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