CNC turning operations: types and advantages

To give the workpiece the necessary shape and parameters by removing the excess layer of metal, such a modern and high-precision operation as CNC turning is used. One of the main advantages of this process is to minimize the influence of the human factor. All procedures for processing parts are controlled by a computer, which allows you to achieve a high class of accuracy of the finished product and its low cost.

Turning on CNC machines

Types of turning operations on CNC machines in LLC “SHLYAH”

The masters of LLC “SHLYAH” perform turning work on CNC machines based on ready-made programs that are written specifically for the processing of a particular typical part. We also develop software for individual projects, which allows us to establish the production of non-standard products in the shortest possible time.

You can always order CNC metal turning works of the following types from us:

  • processing of shaped and end surfaces;
  • giving the necessary dimensions to the inner/outer surfaces of cylindrical and conical products;
  • drilling of grooves and grooves;
  • sharpening of ledges;
  • cutting of internal and external threads.

All work is carried out under the supervision of experienced specialists who control the shape and size of the workpiece at each stage of the technological process. This allows us to guarantee the high quality of the finished part and its full compliance with the parameters of the technical specification.

We will carry out turning work on metal on CNC machines to order from 1 part

Advantages of CNC turning

CNC turning operations have a number of advantages over machining parts on standard equipment, namely:

  • the highest possible processing accuracy;
  • low labor costs at a high speed of manufacturing parts for both standard and individual projects;
  • minimal influence of the human factor, which avoids errors in the processing of parts;
  • full compliance of the finished product with the specified parameters.
  • Taking into account all the above advantages, we can conclude that CNC metal turning is really the most progressive and promising method of processing workpieces.

CNC turning works to order in LLC “SHLYAH”

We accept orders for CNC turning from 1 part, which is quite rare in this industry. In addition, by contacting us for help, you can count on the following advantages:

  • modern metalworking equipment and cutting tools, which allows you to achieve the required accuracy class of the part, regardless of the complexity of its manufacture and geometry;
  • high qualification and competence of the personnel who controls the processing procedure of the part at all stages of the technological process;
  • possibility to order the production of non-standard parts according to an individual project;
  • affordable cost of services and compliance with the terms prescribed in the contract.

To order CNC lathes, contact our manager by phone or visit our office. The specialist will provide all the information you are interested in, promptly place an order and transfer it to work.

LLC “SHLYAH” is a high quality of services at an affordable price.